BANKARA - A colloquial term once used in Japan to describe an individual's unique and exceptional style. That is us.

This Ramen Bankara journey of five senses: taste, smell, touch, sight and sound, is offered to every customer, wrapped in the soul of "First Slurp" philosophy. Each slurp of Ramen Bankara's unfolds in a taste burst, creating a rare celestial experience. The pause between bites initiates a gradual desire for the next bite. This feat of pleasure at new levels is a direct result of Mr Kusano's relentless pursuit for ramen perfection over the decades.

Ramen Bankara's perfect noodles are a result of diligence and precision during production in areas like constant humidity and temperature. Ramen Bankara created distinctive Tokyo style ramen using the finest ingredients and exact cooking techniques. Each ramen style has its own unique broth and is accompanied by different noodle types, varying in texture and thickness, harmonizing the taste reflecting the true meaning behind "First Slurp" philosophy.